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k5mq at k5mq.com


I  have moved to a new QTH only about a 1.5 miles away. The new QTH has almost 4 acres of land so there is plenty of room to put up antennas.   I have sold both of my towers and all outside antennas that were at the old QTH. I am using a 150ft sloping random wire with the high end up about 50ft at the new QTH. Will be running QRP CW and Digital modes mostly from the new QTH.  To see a few pics of my QRP operation from the back deck of the old house please CLICK HERE.

Update December 2013:
NEW QTH with Random Wire and QRP

 Tower Rebuild Pictures 02/11/06 HERE

Welcome to the K5MQ Homepage
"A Powerful Receiving Station"

blueball.gif - 941 BytesInformation About K5MQ

My Name is Dave, located in the beautiful town of Jena Louisiana, population 2900.

Jena is the largest town for about a 30 mile radius. K5MQ is in grid square EM31WQ. I have been an amateur radio operator for about 25 years and am active on 3.5 - 432 Mhz. I enjoy dxing and contesting on HF CW and also run QRP a lot when ragchewing on CW.

dave3.jpg - 11956 Bytes
K5MQ Dave

blueball.gif - 941 BytesThe station at K5MQ:
Icom 756 Pro II
Icom 7000 for 2m ssb and cw
Icom 706(old one) for 6m ssb and cw
Ameritron AL-811H HF Amp
DEMI 2 meter transverter (70 watt version)
TE systems 400 watt 2 meter amp
TE systems 350 watt 6 meter amp
Klitzing110 watt 432 amp
QRP Gear:
Flex Radio 1500
Ten Tec R4020
OHR Explorer II 40 Meters
Shortwave Listening
Zenith M660A
Lafayette KT-340
Radio Shack DX-394
Tec Sun PL-600

The antennas here are:
80 Meter Dipole Inv Vee@57 feet
2 ele cushcraft 40-2cd for 40 meters at 67 feet
30 meter Dipole Inv vee at 57 feet
Force 12 C3e Tribander for 20-10 meters at 76 feet
M2 2m5wl 17 ele for 2 meter ssb at 83 feet
M2 7jhv 7 ele for 6 meters at 37 feet
M2 432-9wl 28 ele for 432 at 47 feet

Tower 1 is 67 feet of Rohn 45 with T2X rotor
Tower 2 is 36 feet of Rohn 45 with T2X rotor

I have been VHF/UHF contesting since 2003 from the K5QE contest site in Hemphill, Texas. Marshall has built a beautiful VHF/UHF contest station. Please be sure to check out the picture gallery here and on K5QE's site.

02-11-06 Thanks to N5YA, K5QE and N5KDA for the help with the tower rebuild and getting the 40 meter yagi up. Click HERE for some pictures.

EMAIL: k5mq at k5mq.com
Click for Jena, Louisiana Forecast

Website Updated December 16, 2013